Welcome to Pita Basket

Pita Basket is family owned Lebanese restaurant operated Since 2004. We have 4 locations serving Calgary & Airdrie with the best traditional Lebanese cuisine. Shawarma, Donair, Hummus, Tabbouli, Fatoush, Kibi, Kabobs, baklava and much more. We also cater to any party or occasion. Our Authentic Lebanese Restaurants in the heart of Calgary and Airdrie aims to offer you a similar experience you would get in Lebanon. We offer the healthiest of food choices with only the best ingredients. Our meat is local and Halal Certified. We proudly prepare all sauces and dressings in house fresh daily with no preservatives. Our meats are marinated to perfection to offer only the best authentic Lebanese taste.

Our Culture

The pillars of Lebanese culture consist of generosity, sharing meals, and strong family bonds.
Lebanese food is one of the most famous and healthiest foods in the middle east and in the world. The Lebanese cuisine focuses on herbs, spices, and fresh ingredients. Olive oil, lemon and garlic as well as mint, all spice, parsley, cilantro and cinnamon are some of the most common seasonings.


Our Pita Bread

Pita bread is almost served with every meal in Lebanese cuisine. It is a very thin bread allowing you to savor the taste in every dish. Our dough is prepared fresh in house. Our brick oven allows us to serve you hot fresh pita bread with every meal. As well as pita pies known as manakeesh, a popular breakfast item consisting of herbs, meat, cheese etc


Our Signature Dessert

Try out our signature dessert Halawet el Jibn, also known as the sweet cheese pastry with an authentic cream filling. Sweets are a must try in our restaurant. The exotic flavors of orange blossom and rose water, mixed with crunchy pistachio nuts drizzled with Lebanese syrup are heavenly.